chest measurements 

measure on the widest part of your chest


waist measurements

measure the narrowest part of your waist


hips measurements

measure the widest part of your hips /back


neck measurements

measure your neck circumference below your goitre



measure from the point on the shoulder where the armhole of your shirt/jacket is,

if you measure a sleeve of your shirt please also include the cuff


legs inner length

measure from the crotch down to the floor on the inner side of your leg,

you can also measure the inner seam on the leg of a pair of trousers that fit you.



It´s better to measure the shoulder-seam of a shirt /jacket that fits you

upper arm

measure the width of your upper arm


upper leg

measure the width of your upper leg


back-length to waist

measure from the protruding vertebra of the neck down to the waistline

(you have to indicate the waistline with a measuring tape laced around

your waist; measure down to the lower edge of the waistband)



! Please mention if you take a measurement from a garment instead of your body


! We recommend to have yourself measured by another person; some of the measurements

can´t be taken properly by yourself.

-To obtain the best results let yourself be measured by a tailor /alteration tailor

or a similar professional person.


-The more measurements we receive, the better we can work out your individual pattern !


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-There´s lots of how-to-videos on youtube, for example HERE